Frequently Asked Questions

• What do I need to check in?

Checking in is easy! All you need is your passport or other photo ID like a driver’s license, your first week’s rent if you haven’t paid it before you arrive (cash or card is fine), and pretty good handwriting to sign your tenancy agreement and the house rules! That’s it!

• What if I arrive before check-in time?

Our Check-in time is 2pm. That means that if you arrive before check-in time your room may not be ready. Of course you’re always welcome to wait in our common area and make new friends until your room is ready.

• What do I need to bring with me when I move in?

Definitely bring a smile, and we also recommend you bring your own clothes, towels and toiletries like shampoo and body wash. Your room is ready made upon your arrival complete with bed linen and a pillow, however please feel free to bring your own if you prefer! Our kitchens have all the utensils you need, including pots, pans, glassware, knives and forks etc. You will also have access to vacuums and cleaning products to keep your room sparkling clean. If you prefer we can also organize our professional housekeepers to clean your room at an extra discounted fee.

• What type of weather should I pack for?

Sydney is pretty awesome when it comes to weather. Expect hot Summers, cool Winters and everything in between! In Summer the sun can be intense, so remember your sunscreen and a hat. In Winter, make sure you bring a heavy jacket a beanie and a scarf, whilst it doesn’t snow it can get pretty chilly.

• What methods can I use to make rent payments?

You can pay your rent either by bank transfer (our account info is on your tenancy agreement), cash or card we are totally flexible! You can even pay your rent in advance so you don’t have to worry about it for a while! Please be aware that all credit card transactions attract a 2% surcharge. To avoid these fees, open a local savings account with an Australian bank and pay using your debit card.

• How much is my bond deposit?

Unlike most places that require a four-week bond, we only require a three-week bond! The price of your room times two is the amount of bond you have to pay. Just make sure you have an extra week of rent ready for when you check in because bond and rent are two different things!

• What if I want to have guests over?

Not a problem! Simply sign in your guest with our receptionist at the front desk and have them leave a form of ID at reception. They can only visit when reception is present though, so between 8am and 10pm is OK. Charges apply if you fail to inform the front desk.

• What if I have an overnight guest?

Hey that’s no problem either! Just have your guest sign-in with reception, leaving a them form of ID, and they just have to pay $30/night upfront for the duration of their stay. They can pick up their ID and surrender their room key at the end of their stay. Overnight guests are only permitted in private rooms, not shared, unless you get the a-okay from your room mate to have an extra guest in your room overnight. Unauthorized overnight guests will result in a $200 fee, this is for everyone’s safety and security, so please do the right thing and sign them in!

• What happens if I forget my room key?

If you run out of your room in a hurry and forget your key just let reception know and they’ll kindly let you back into your room. It happens and we understand! Just make sure you forget your key within the reception open ours from 8am to 10pm. If it’s after hours and you’ve forgotten your key just call the emergency number 0477 999 656 for Concord and 0475 888 800 for Top Ryde and someone will let you back in. Just be warned you may be charged a fee if you need help getting inside after opening hours.

• What happens if I lose my room key?

If you’ve lost your key you will have to pay a $25 replacement fee, and we will then cut you a new key.

• Whats the go with WiFi at Sydney Student Living?

Wifi access is included with your rent. Upon check in you will receive your own personal resident login which allows up to 3 devices to be connected. You’re sharing the net with other students and connection issues are bound to happen. Usually this is resolved in a few minutes, but if your connection really won’t behave itself come down to reception and we’ll help you out the best way we can!

• Are my utilities included in my rent?

Yes! Electricity, water and gas usage are all included in your rent.

• What happens if I miss a rent payment?

Here at SSL we understand that life happens and you may have an issue paying your rent. Just let us know and we can work something out. If you don’t tell us your room key will automatically stop working and you won’t be able to get inside the building or your room. Help us help you and let us know if you’re having trouble paying your rent we’ll understand!

• How do I log a maintenance request if something is wrong in my room or the common areas?

Something broken in your room? Just give us a shout at reception and we will get right on it!

• How do I receive my mail?

Mail & packages will wait for you at reception where we will keep them company until you collect them. Check periodically with Front Desk if you are expecting some mail.

• If I’m having an issue with my roommate or neighbors, how do I make a complaint?

Conflicts happen, you’re human. If there is an issue with your roommate or neighbor let us know and we will help mediate an intervention. Of course talking to the person may help as well because everyone at SSL is very understanding!

• Is there parking available?

Yes we offer free and paid parking at SSL depending on location Concord or Ryde, please ask Reception at check in about your options. 

• Is there air conditioning?

Our Top Ryde facility is fully air conditioned, however we do not offer A/C rooms to our long-stay Concord facility residents, but you can rent one of our portable A/Cs from reception for a weekly fee.

• What hours are reception available?

We will be ready to greet you and talk to you about anything between the hours of 8am-10pm in Concord or 7am-10pm in Top Ryde

• Keeping your room clean

As mentioned previously you will also have access to vacuums and cleaning products to keep your room sparkling clean. If you prefer we can also organize our professional housekeepers to clean your room at an extra discounted fee. We do conduct room inspections every 2 months where management ensure the rooms are being kept to a hygienic and livable standard. So please make sure to be mindful of this!

• What common areas do I have access to?

At SSL, we have many common areas that are shared with fellow students which is great for chilling out or socializing! We have a dining room, kitchen and laundry room at each location. All of these are available to you 24/7. Please be aware that we do require students to clean up after themselves in the Kitchen and if this rule isn’t followed, a cleaning fee may apply. If you make the mess, you gotta clean it up! Our laundry is coin operated and you can swap your notes for coins at the Front Desk. Washing powder is also included and available to you.

•The Serious Stuff: NO DRUGS POLICY

Any prohibited substances brought into or used in Sydney Student Living, will result in immediate eviction from the premises and the relevant authorities notified

Sydney Student Living is a non-smoking building. NO SMOKING INSIDE THE PREMISES OR INSIDE YOUR ROOM. Please smoke only in our outside communal areas, if you are found to be smoking elsewhere your lease will be terminated and cleaning fees will apply.

Respecting each other is paramount to the success of SSL. Our staff are here to help you settle in to your home away from home, care for you and ensure your safe and comfortable lifestyle at SSL. It’s a 2 way street, any sign of disrespect or rude behavior towards our staff will result in termination of your lease.

If you are in a shared accommodation type, please respect that a new roommate could check-in at any time, please refrain from using the vacant bed, and keeping your room as tidy as possible. If it is found that a guest cannot check-in as a matter of your living standard/s, you will be charged for the total number of beds vacant in room, until the next guest checks into your room.

Any visitors must be signed in and out at reception by a current tenant and a staff member. Guests are not allowed in share rooms, they can only stay in our communal areas. If not Additional chargers apply or termination of stay.

If you wish to have a visitor stay with you for the night, you must speak with & inform a staff member in advance. Terms & Conditions Apply.

Strictly No guests under the age of 18 allowed in the complex at any time.

Sydney Student Living has to right at any time to terminate a guest’s stay, if their actions/behavior do not comply with our accommodations policies. This includes the actions of your visitors, so please make sure they behave because they are your responsibility.

•What happens when its time to leave?

Please confirm your departure date with Front Desk 6 weeks before you go
and fill out a notice to vacate form. When you check out, hand this to one of our friendly staff members and then they will accompany you to your room to perform a final room inspection.

• Do I have to clean my room before I check out?

Yes, please leave your room the way you found it. When our staff member inspects the room, we will give you an opportunity to clean again if it is excessive before we will charge a room cleaning fee.

• What if there is damage to the room upon me checking out?

If you may have had a little too much fun in your room, we’ll simply take the costs to repair any damages out of your bond deposit.

• What is the latest time I can check out?

Our check-out time is 10am. However, if no one has booked the room and you have a later departure time you can check-out later on in the day.

•Will I get my deposit back at the end of my stay? If so, when?

We strive to return your bond within 48 hours after checkout, as long as your bond return details are filled out correctly. Closing your Aussie bank account? No worries! You can give us any international bank account to transfer the money to. Just be aware of international fees that your bank may incur during the transfer and that this may take up to a week.

• What will happen to my mail if I forget to update my mailing address?

We know moving takes a lot of steps and if your mail still comes to us after you leave we will hold onto it for a week. After a week we will return it to the post so if you do want your mail make sure you claim it!

• Can I extend my stay at the end of my tenancy agreement?

If you loved staying with us and wish to stay longer you can! Just be aware that extending your stay may be subject to availability.

• What if I need to break my lease early?

We know life happens and not always in the way we thought planned. Please give us at least 2 weeks notice or as much as you can if you plan to break your lease and note that you will lose your bond if this occurs.

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