Moving to a new place can be both exciting and stressful. Sometimes you’re so focused on being prepared for a new life in a new city that you’ll forget the little things. We got you covered. Before you leave home to come to us make sure you’ve got these things:

  • Passport and photo ID

You’ll need these to identify yourself in public, and at uni

  • Clothes and extra hangers 

We do supply hangers, but in case you’re a trendy person we recommend you bring some extra ones from home

  • Australian outlet adapters and converters; Extension cords too! Usually one or two will do

Keep that laptop and smartphone alive by bringing the correct converters, extension cords, and adapters.

  • Foods from home

It might take you some time to find your Aussie faves regarding food and drink, so bring some from home to keep you steady until you’ve found them!

  • First Aid

We have first aid gear onsite, but if you feel you’re more accident-prone than others it never hurts to bring extras!

  • School gear

Pack your favourite pens and notebooks to get ready for your semester at uni.

Short Stays Are Also Available

Our rooms are also available with short stay options. Check the availability of your dates now.

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